Sunday, April 26, 2009

I fixed it!

A couple people told me they couldn't comment on the last post for some reason, but I fixed it!

I am now 35 weeks (1 week away until I am 9 months)! I am almost there! To my understanding, 37 weeks is full term and at 38 weeks I can get the membrane stripped around my cervix to help make me go into labor not too long after the prodecure is done! I really want her to be here! Sam is just as excited as I am! He is going to make a really good Dad. We have a couple baby showers coming up this weekend. I honestly don't need too many more things, but then again since it is my first child I might not know of everything I need right away.

The weather has been beautiful lately. It hasn't been below about 50 degrees since I got here back in August. I never thought I'd miss the cold!...well I only miss it for the snow. The summers here are apparently scorching hott...good thing I won't be pregnant! I wish we were closer to home so everyone could see the baby when she's still little! Maybe coming home for Christmas will work out! Here is a new picture of my belly!

34 weeks: (2 weeks until 9 months

Next time I write in here, I'll probably have a baby to show!!!!!!!!!!!!!