Sunday, April 26, 2009

I fixed it!

A couple people told me they couldn't comment on the last post for some reason, but I fixed it!

I am now 35 weeks (1 week away until I am 9 months)! I am almost there! To my understanding, 37 weeks is full term and at 38 weeks I can get the membrane stripped around my cervix to help make me go into labor not too long after the prodecure is done! I really want her to be here! Sam is just as excited as I am! He is going to make a really good Dad. We have a couple baby showers coming up this weekend. I honestly don't need too many more things, but then again since it is my first child I might not know of everything I need right away.

The weather has been beautiful lately. It hasn't been below about 50 degrees since I got here back in August. I never thought I'd miss the cold!...well I only miss it for the snow. The summers here are apparently scorching hott...good thing I won't be pregnant! I wish we were closer to home so everyone could see the baby when she's still little! Maybe coming home for Christmas will work out! Here is a new picture of my belly!

34 weeks: (2 weeks until 9 months

Next time I write in here, I'll probably have a baby to show!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa said...

i cant wait till you have the baby either!!! hope everything went well yesterday. love ya both

Allison said...

Good,I thought it was my computer not letting me post!

Nice belly pics! You're almost there!

Allison said...

Hello??? We need baby pictures!!! This is cruel to keep her all to yourselves!! :)

Dixon Leavitt said...

I dont know of any other way to get a hold of you, but just want to let you know that I am thinking about you today. I am so grateful for what you and your fellow marines do for our country. Without people like you this nation would not be what it is. Thanks for all your hard work and devotion! I hope all is going well with you and your family.