Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy One Year!

March 22, 2009

Today was our one year mark for being married! The weather could have been a bit more kind, but the day was still perfect. I cleaned and did laundry during the day while Sam went and got his weekly haircut. We headed out to dinner around 6 o'clock. The traffic here is horrible around that time, so it took us a solid thirty minutes to get there. The Kadena Marina is a restaraunt right on the water (E. China Sea)....they are a bit pricey, but the food is wonderful. You get soup, salad, and then your meal. Usually by the time you leave there, you are pretty stuffed. I know I was...especially with this growing baby..she doesn't allow much room for my stomach to be pleasantly full of food anymore. I get full quicker and hungrier more often because of my shrinking stomach =( Not too good of a combination for a pregnant person.

Soccer is still going well for Sam. They had a bbq this past Sunday at Araja Beach, but we didn't go because of the our anniversary. Work also seems to be going well for him. His favorite Master Seargant left a couple days ago to go to school for three weeks in Quantico. He is going out on the next deployment with the Commanding Officer of Sam's company. They spoke to me about deployment when I went to a lunch for the wives interested in helping the company with random things (baking cookies on holidays, and etc...). In Okinawa, there are so few slots for deployment that the only way you're basically getting deployed is if you volunteer to go. He said it'd be nice if they can get deployed as a battalion, but it'd never be possible for some reason. I think it may because then there might be a shortage of men able to work the different sections for the supply company on the island. His Master Seargant also said Sam isn't on the list to go because he knows of the baby coming...maybe in a year- which would be perfectly fine if that is what he wanted to do. I know he is anxious to get some action and see what the Marine Corps is all about. Plus, he always knows he has baby and wife to come home to that fully support him =). If he did leave, we would be okay...I'd have my little one to look after and hopefully by then finishing up a class or two to finally just have my associates since it's literally at the tips of my fingers!!!

Life is going rather smooth! Just anxious for the baby!!


Alyssa Joy said...

Jaana.. this is Sam's cousin Alyssa. I'm so glad I found your blog! You two are so cute together and I'm sure the baby is gonna be adorable...and Salia is a gorgeous name. Hopefully I can meet you soon! Tell Sam hi for me!

Alec and Tiffany said...

I'm glad that you two have made a blog! I can't believe it has been a year! Congrats!


Janae' said...

Yea!!!! I miss you guys...and I need a baby bump photo!

Happy anniversary! I'm so glad you came into our family. Weel done Sam!

Love ya!

Dixon Leavitt said...

Does Sam have an email address I can send some stuff for him to?

Allison said...


The kids say hello to uncle Sam and aunt Jaana!