Monday, March 16, 2009

Slowly..but surely,

March 16, 2009

Melissa has been telling Sam and I to get a blog for a while, here we are! I'm still not quite sure how everything works, but I'll figure it out =)

Not too much is going on. Sam is still playing soccer two to three times a week. I finally figured out how to put together the sewing machine I got for Christmas!! I've made several receiving blankets and fixed a couple pair of Sam's pants for work. I need more fabric! There is this really cool looking fabric store off of the highway I have been wanting to take a stroll in...maybe this weekend sometime. Speaking of this weekend,....Sunday is the big one year anniversary! It doesn't seem like a whole year since we got married. Time sure does fly by.

It also doesn't seem like I've been pregnant about 30 weeks (7 months and 2 weeks). I guess they say 37 weeks is full that means we are really close!!! I didn't enjoy being pregnant at first. Morning sickness and expanding hips aren't exactly my idea of fun. However, I must say I am rather content nowadays. I guess I can say I am in the glowing stages of being pregnant. I'm always in a really good mood and extremely happy =)

Sam has had a really busy week at work. He labels and stores gear in the warehouse. He has a lot of responsibility at the shop. He is one of the few his Master Seargant trusts to get work done. He's always been a good leader and a hard worker =)

Overall, we are doing wonderfully and can't complain about how things are going. Just taking one day at a time....


Melissa said...

im glad you decided to get one!!! love ya both.